Little Helpers Gift Baskets
Little Helpers Gift Baskets
35 Bridlecreek Gate SW
Calgary AB T2Y 3P2
Tel 403-569-0937 Fax 403-451-8243
-Littlehelpers have been an tremendous addition to my business and I cannot say enough good things about them. Not only are they an absolutely wonderful company to work with -they are extremely friendly and provide excellent service- but I find their product to be very impressive and well-priced. This has been a great "thank you" gift for my clients (the feedback has been truly amazing), an easy way to leave a lasting impression, and a great way to ask for a referral; a key component of sales that many of us struggle with. I have experienced substantial growth in my referral business since I started working with Littlehelpers and I would strongly recommend them to anyone.
Josh Higgelke-Mortgage Broker

-Little Helpers help in a big way! With fresh and exciting
basket designs, fast, affordable delivery and a warm, personalized
customer experience, they are our first choice in welcoming
new tenants and thanking our clients and partners at Christmas
and throughout the year. They continue to go above and beyond!
Gerhardt Klann
Partner, Northern Lights Properties

-Over the last several years we have used the gift basket service of Little Helpers Gift Baskets. When we require a fabulous gift basket, they are the only service we call.  There baskets are second to none with only premium products, beautiful containers and fast efficient service and delivery every single time! They have always been able to whip together a gorgeous basket no matter what the occasion and at very reasonable prices. The compliments we receive are like no other and many appreciate the hand written card they provide. Their baskets have always been well presented and if ever in doubt - use them, we highly recommend their service.
EcoWater Systems Calgary

-Little Helpers Gift Baskets is a great resource for by busy real estate business.  Their gift baskets are top-notch and always look professional. I especially appreciate their quick turnaround and personal delivery service, which saves me a lot of running around.  I have been using their services for many years now and will continue to do so!
Frances Dares - Realtor

-We have personally know the Little Helpers, Alyssa and Kaitlyn most of their lives.  We have seen these two mature into entrepreneurs as they have grown their business.  We know how dedicated and hardworking they are as well as committed to their business.  It is a delight to see hard working youth in today’s society and making a difference for the better by giving back to the community through biannual donations to Habitat for Humanity. Their gift baskets are created with loving hands and the recipient in mind. I know they love what they do and thrive to make every basket special no matter what the occasion. Little Helpers Gift Baskets is the best choice when choosing a gift basket service.
Denise and Aaron Biffert. - Calgary

-I just wanted to thank you for all your help. You came with great referrals and have lived up to your reputation!  My clients are thrilled when they receive these baskets, and I’m amazed with the care and quality.  I just can’t say enough except I will be sending more clients and referrals your way!  Thanks again.
Leah Higgelke - Calgary

I can never say enough about your baskets! You’ve customized each one to meet my specific needs, which I just love! Thank you for your attention to detail and personal touches which have helped us make great impressions with each and every gift we have given. This has been an outstanding and professional relationship and I look forward to many more years of the same!
Helen B. - Edmonton

The Little Helpers Gift Baskets are outstanding gifts for our MaxWell REALTORS to give to our clients as a thank-you for the business, trade shows, house warming and possession gifts, and referrals.
They come in various sizes, price points and are willing to customize and incorporate branded material, gift cards… into any basket. Going above and beyond to help cultivate those key relationships by creating the image you want clients to remember you by is just what they do.
When you look at the baskets, you can see the detail and love put into each one of them by the Little Helpers Team. They absolutely create the WOW factor we all look for!
These are professional, affordable, practical and very much appreciated by our clients.
The Little Helpers Team has offered their products to our REALTORS for over four years and provides a win-win service to all.
Ed Jensen MaxWell Realty - Canada Vice President

We put a few tenant baskets together ourselves at the beginning, and quickly realized it is time consuming and costly - there must be a better way!
As soon as we learned about Alyssa and Kaitlyns’ business, Little Helpers Gift Baskets, we knew this was the way.  These baskets are professional, affordable, practical and so appreciated  by every one of our tenants.  When they see it on the counter, the usual response is, WOW!!  Is this for US?! And they’re so thankful to find out it is.  Little Helpers is a huge part of what makes our business successful and we are grateful to have them as part of our team.
Thank you very much Alyssa and Kaitlyn and congratulations on being profiles in the Calgary Herald Neighbours newspaper and Canadian Real Estate magazine; you are inspirations.
Marnie & Ryan Griffiths-Insumo Property Solutions Ltd.

These baskets are GREAT first IMPRESSIONS!  In fact, I put them on display every time I have a tour of one of our units.  One time, I have $5000.00 worth of renovations and I was explaining to my prospective tenant that the waslls are newly painted, the carpet is new ... and the FIRST thing she said to me was, “Oh my God, this unit comes with a welcome basket?!”
I love to give great gifts to my clients that are impactful and/or super helpful.  After a time I found that my commitment to get a gift for each and every one of my clients had taken up way too much of my time.  I heard great thing about little helpers from a colleague of mine and I decided to try them out.  I called up and ordered several baskets for different clients...and for each one of those clients I wanted the basket to be personalized for them so it came across as thoughtful and not at all generic.  Well I can honestly tell you that this little family and their baskets have changed my life.  I can now have great client gifts that are personal and full of many of my favourite things delivered right to their door with a personal card attached.  (I've even started giving them to friends as gifts as well.) My only fear in sharing how great this service is - is that they will not have enough time for me in the future.  I love Little Helpers and the great baskets they create for me.
Thanks so much for everything ladies,
Raena G, Re/Max Realtor

The tenant baskets are an excellent marketing tool and they provide a great start to the tenant and landlord relationship.  We have been placing large baskets in our rental properties when we show them and so far the baskets have attracted a lot of positive attention and better prospects.  Moreover, the reaction the baskets receive when the tenant moves in has been fantastic to say the least.  We will be presenting a large basket to every new tenant.  In addition, the excellent service and attention to detail make purchasing a basket a breeze.  Keep up the great work Alyssa and Kaitlyn!
John and Susan Martin - Tinram Properties